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    My husband and I were in desperate need of a new bed. I heard of DIY Natural Bedding from my sister who lives in Indiana. We do not however live in Indiana and could not go try out the mattresses our selves. We felt worried about buying online without actually trying the product out! Deborah gave us all the information we needed to go to a local store and try out similar mattresses. She was very knowledgable and gave us peace of mind during that process. We told her which 3 layers we preferred and ordered them right away! They were delivered promptly as stated in our ordering process. It was super easy to put them together and zip up the cover. We didn’t want to get out of bed that night or the next morning! We highly recommend going through DIY Natural Bedding!

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    I have ordered from you twice and I have to tell you, the pillows are amazing. I’ve never seen such quality before. My husband and I have searched for years to find the right pillows. We ordered your millet hull kits and then picked up some double pocket pillow cases and custom made a millet hull and memory foam pillow that cured my insomnia! I’ve had horrible neck pain since my surgery and this has completely eliminated neck pain at night. On top of that, I use the millet filled pillow from the kit for my knees. Thanks to you I can finally sleep on my back. No other knee pillow was ever comfortable enough with my peripheral neuropathy. Thank you x 100000!

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    I wanted to let you know that we received the wool topper and my wife and I refused to get out of bed yesterday! Thanks so much! We actually slept till noon. Then she took a nap (I couldn’t because of parenting obligations) and then we were both back in it by 9 PM!

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    I have been looking for my perfect pillow for at least 14 years. Seriously! I am not adverse to spending a pretty penny on a good pillow either. In the end, I’m never happy with ones I buy and they aren’t worth it. Enter DIY Natural Bedding. I bought a Kapok King size pillow over a year ago and I love it! I feel so old (38) to have just found my perfect pillow, but at least I finally found it, and at least I have many, many more years to enjoy it.

    Also, I took my son for a showing at DIY Natural Bedding’s show room and allowed him to pick out his own mattress. He was 9 years old and went through the whole process, tried all the various choices (and there are a lot). He took his decision very seriously. He ended up choosing a 6 inch medium piece of latex and that’s all. He has been so happy with it. As a mother it feels amazing to be able to give my children a comfortable and safe nights sleep. Knowing he isn’t inhaling toxins all night long, makes this mama rest better too. I will definitely purchase more items in the very near future!

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    I ordered 3 medium firm latex cushions (5? thickness as seat back) and 3 firm ones (6? thickness as seats) for our new sofa frame. Deborah recommended the firmness, based upon our body weights. They turned out to be very comfortable. Their cut is also exact to my specifications, so that they fit perfectly on the frame. Thank you, Deborah! Attached is a photo of the cushions under some old sheets. I am still waiting for the cushion cases to be made by Deborah’s seamstress. Will upload another photo when all is done.

    Our sofa cushion cases arrived and I am so thrilled. They look wonderful! I had been a little worried about the gussets, but they turn out to be just fine. Deborah and team really went extra miles to make sure that we are completely satisfied with their products. As I said in an earlier review, these cases are for the latex cushions that I ordered from Deborah. The seat backs are 3 medium firm, 5? thick cushions. The seats are 3 firm ones in 6? thickness. Deborah recommended the firmness, based upon our body weights. They are very comfortable and were cut precisely to my specifications. Deborah and team, I appreciate your dedication to your work. You have won my respect! Considering the fact that all these shopping experiences are on-line, it is amazing how much trust you have earned from me. It is as if you were just a neighborhood store that we can always turn to and rely upon. Thank you so much again!

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    Our bed is fit for a king, thanks to Deborah and her team!

    We ordered a medium firm latex slab with wool and cover from Deborah. The mattress has made our bed very comfortable again. For those who are interested to know, the latex sits between a 3? thick cotton mattress and a 5-6? wool topper, which after 3 years of compression had become hard (see the first photo).

    Before I ordered, I was most concerned how to get the firmness right. I called Deborah, told her our body weights and heights and the problem of our bed, she correctly suggested the medium firmness. But when the slab arrived, because I was too used to our hard bed, I panicked and reordered a firm slab, using Deborah’s “buy and try” program. It took some time for the replacement to arrive, by then I had already got used to the medium slab and realized my mistake. The firm slab proved to be too firm indeed. When I zipped up the mattress cover at last, I had one more amazement to tell: the cover looks very simple, but I would not try to make it myself because Deborah’s seamstress has made it fit to perfection. The cover is not one bit smaller or bigger than the latex, so that it feels completely smooth (See the second photo).

    During the whole process, I have learned not only to trust Deborah’s professional experience and judgment but also to highly respect the quality of her work and the reliability of her service. When I became really hesitant and frustrated, she was consistently patient and nice. I know on-line shopping for a mattress sounds hard, but my experience has taught me that it really depends upon whom you are dealing with. Now I know our body takes time to tell which firmness is right, I begin to doubt going to the store in person to try mattresses is an easier way. Overall I am quite happy with this shopping experience at Deborah’s site.

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    The millet hull pillow is quite comfortable. I haven’t adjusted the fill yet, because I wanted to see how it breaks in over a couple weeks. I might take a little out so I can create more of a “valley,” but for now it’s working and I’m quite happy with it.

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    On my journey to do a DIY all natural bed I came across DIY Natural Bedding. I called up to ask some questions, and I was delighted that I found someone on the other end of the phone who cared about and could understand what I needed. The kindness and intelligence of the customer service is outstanding (as others have said: it’s true they do research your needs and questions if they don’t have immediate answers!).

    The quality of what I ordered is off the charts. The prices are cheaper than just about anyone’s anywhere else. The shipping was done in a timely manner; everything was properly packed to protect against the elements and bugs, which is more than I can say for a lot of other all natural bedding companies.

    Thanks to DIY I have a fantastic 1/2 queen day bed made up of two 100% natural 1/2 queen dunlop latex toppers — one 3? soft and one 3? extra soft — with an organic 100% cotton encasement and luxurious 1/2 queen organic wool puddle pad (yes, it’s luxurious). They also made the ticking and wool puddle pad for my night bed.

    I also want to make dust mites covers because someone in the house has a terrible allergy. Thanks to DIY’s help and perhaps above all patience as well as a good bit of inspiration, I am on my way to making them myself using the ticking pattern they sell and their zippers (I found the cloth elsewhere. But they even helped me in the search to find the proper cloth). I am making it myself for less half the price of any dust mite cover on the internet of the same quality (it’s very hard to find and quite expensive to buy a dust mite mattress encasement that opens like a book).

    I am very happy with my purchase as well as experience working with them.

    - A.B.

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    Customized DIY bedding…great idea! I purchased a pillow kit from DIY last month and knew immediately it was not the right choice for me (too firm). I was aware of the refund policy in advance of purchasing so I wrote this off as a losing gamble. Just for the heck of it, I wrote an email to the company to provide feedback on my experience. To my surprise, I heard back from Deborah with an offer to see if she could help. She suggested that one of their other filling materials might be a better fit for me. What was great about this was there was no discussion about company policy or cost calculations, she just said, “I’m going to send you something else, I want you to try” Love the old school approach – great customer service! Deborah was right. The new filling is much better for me and I am very happy with this company and this product.

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    As a new mom learning about all the terrible toxins in mattresses, I searched everywhere for a non-toxic alternative. It seemed impossible to find a mattress that wasn’t outrageously expensive and didn’t have some sort of flame retardants or springs that attract EMF’s. When I stumbled across, I was amazed!! Building our own custom mattress was so perfect for my husband and I because we like to have a lot of room when we sleep and we were co-sleeping with our 6 month old. Deborah was so helpful while we made our decision about size, thickness, and material. We were able to order a custom bed that is bigger than a king! We absolutely LOVE it! The latex is so supportive, we only needed the 6 inch height! We HIGHLY recommend DIY Bedding to ALL of our friends who are health conscious! We couldn’t be happier with our purchase!

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    We are thrilled with the GOLS organic latex foam that you provided for our sofa reupholstering. It is the most comfortable sofa in the world and hands down the best place ever to take a nap. It was significantly less expensive for us to have our Baker sofa upholstered with your organic latex and organic cotton batting than to purchase a new latex sofa. It’s very hard to find a supplier of GOLS upholstery foam. We are so glad to have found you and know where we will go for our next bed and future upholstery projects.

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    I just wanted to say how much we love our latex bed and pillows! We wanted a comfortable, chemical free bed and that’s exactly what we got. Not only that, but we were able to put together a bed and have a removable topper that we can use in our 5th wheel so we can take our comfort on the road! I can’t wait to replace our kids’ beds, and we will definitely be replacing them with latex beds and pillows from DIY Natural Bedding!!

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    I’m happy to say we LOOOOOOOOOOVE our new mattress :D. The last piece of latex made it just perfect, it’s not as soft as our tempur-pedic type but it’s way nicer in my opinion and the most important thing is that when my baby crawls over from his co-sleeper he can snuggle next to me without sinking unsafely into the mattress or breathing the nasty fumes!!!

    Funny story, we found the mattress noticeably softer without the wool puddle pad so we took it off and are going to use it as a rug underlayment for his rug, since we needed a non-toxic wool one anyway!!!

    I’m sure I’ll be back ???? I have some projects in mind that need some stuffing and now that I’ve found you I’m so happy I have a natural solution for all of them!

    – C.E. Peoria, IL

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    I want to thank you and let you know that I’m very very happy with the wool pillow kit I ordered. I couldn’t be happier. I like the batting and the option to take out or add more as I need. The two cases are also so nice.

    – T. G.

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    We got the bed together and my son is enjoying his new bed!! The hardest part about how much my son likes his bed is getting him up in the morning ???? Just wait until he gets a wool comforter next winter… will be worse. He’ll just want to stay in bed.

    I am so happy that we found your website back when we got our bed. We are all enjoying a healthy night’s sleep.

    – S. T.

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    We LOVE the mattress. It is beyond comfortable. I honestly have never had a better mattress or been more comfortable in bed. I’m sold for life on this company. Plus it was fun to build. Love love love. Thank you!!

    – S. J.

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    I absolutely LOVE my new couch cushions! They have really brought my 15yo couch back to new. I’m so happy I decided to have these cushions made and not just get cheap foam (again)… Not only will they last waaaay longer but they are super duper comfortable and the perfect firmness and springiness. I didn’t take a picture of the “before” (too embarrassing) but I should send you a picture of my love seat cushions (to be replaced later) next to the couch cushions. Also your wool advice was very helpful. Thank you!

    – J.C., Massachusetts

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    We have had our bed now for some time and we absolutely LOVE it! We have been telling all our friends that they have to make their next mattresses from you.

    – M.D.

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    The latex piece arrived yesterday and the first night of sleeping on it was great! Thanks for offering the split-queen pieces. It’s a lifesaver for two people with very different sleeping needs.

    – K.G.

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    I cannot express how pleased I am with the bedding, topper and pillow. It has been delightful. My goal was to alleviate the aches and pains of getting up in the morning and this has been accomplished! This has also been the case for my husband and occurred nearly immediately upon setting up the bed. I love looking forward to going to bed ????

    I would be happy to be a reference for any future customers and have already starting spreading the word on my own.

    I am so pleased that my husband happened upon your website and am grateful for your service, follow up and product. – S.S.

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    The cushions just arrived and are lovely. And the excess fabric was also in the package. They are also comfortable.

    Thank you for the great service.

    – E.L.

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    The latex foam piece is perfect.

    Well cut.

    It fit right into a pillow case.

    I’m using it to sit at my computer and also while playing guitar.


    – R.P.

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    My assistant tells me that the fabric arrived on Saturday (I was away from the studio for the weekend). I’ve just unwrapped it and it looks wonderful! Thank you again for taking such good care of packaging it and for being so accommodating! I will enjoy working with the fabric.

    I look forward to ordering more from you whenever I run out of something you carry. Your service is a perfect example of how I try to treat my wedding dress clients. Thank you for doing everything that you do!

    Be well,
    Lori Del Genis