Organic Pillow

organic pillowChoose the fill for your eco mattress or pillow. Do you want to sleep on natural latex slabs or wool or both? Do you want to make a pillow of millet hulls, kapok fiber or shredded latex?

Do you like your pillow flat and firm or high and firm or lofty and high or thin and soft. Our fills can accommodate all these needs. Adjust the height and loft of your pillow by opening the zipper on the side of the pillow and adding or removing fill. Close the zipper and slide the tab in its pocket so that it won't jingle during the night or get caught on anything and release its fill.

Our organic pillow speaks for itself and DIY Natural Bedding welcomes the opportunity to prove it to you. When you think of a wool pillow, we know that DIY Natural Bedding will be the first name that comes to mind in Lafayette, IN. For a natural pillow that uses GOTS organic fabric, we are the ones to call.

Please call us at 763-445-9676 or (765) 445-9676