Eco Mattress

eco mattressDIY Natural Bedding will supply parts to DIY your own eco mattress and bedding. Making your own mattress can be as simple as opening the ticking, layering the latex in and zipping it shut. If you have sewing skills, our patterns and 90" fabrics will help you sew your own ticking, otherwise, we can do all the sewing and washing and cutting or you can do those tasks yourself. Once you see what we have to offer in non-toxic mattress production, we know you’ll choose us again.

To make a mattress, pick out a fill (wool flake or natural latex or both wool batting and natural latex) and pick out a pre-sewn ticking, which is a zippered shell or case (either quilted or knit or expandable knit or zip off wool felt. You will find patterns and fabric to sew your own ticking at our shop.

To make a wool blanket, decide how many yards you want of our woven farm wool. We’ll cut it for you. You then will wash it to tighten the fibers and finish the edges how you like. We offer the best organic cotton and materials around. If want to make your own wool mattress, go ahead and contact us today.

Please call us at 763-445-9676 or (765) 445-9676