About Us

We needed to buy mattresses. Two of them. As this event doesn’t come around very often, we thought: “Let’s do it right. Let’s get the very best mattress we can.”

For us, the very best meant no chemical flame retardants and no synthetic fabrics. These mattresses were for our two girls, 2 & 4 at the time. They were going to be stuck with these mattresses for a while so we wanted to get ones that weren’t going to combine comfort with slowly decomposing their organs.

A little internet research soon deflated my excitement over the purchase. An organic twin mattress was $1400. Even the cheapest one we could find, an all wool 4″ futon mattress, was $400. We didn’t have that kind of money, especially not with a third child on the way. I was stumped. Further internet research led me down the same trails.

And then I asked myself, could we make a mattress? That is what we do, after all; we like to make things, from scratch, especially in the kitchen. Picking ingredients deliberately can make a great tasting dish and bring out subtle flavor, so also, deliberately sourcing bedding materials could make a comfortable and chemical free mattress. “If it can be bought, I can make it,” I’ve always said.

After much research, we found the best materials for this purpose. We found that you can make a mattress yourself, a puddle pad, a wool blanket. If you can sew, you can make your own ticking and quilts and pillow cases and if you don’t want to, let us make them for you. Contact us today!

Please call us at 763-445-9676 or (765) 445-9676