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We are a bedding parts supplier stocking parts and patterns to make your own mattress, pillows, comforters, toppers, etc. Or we can make the parts for you. What if you could have more choice over your bedding than if it was comfortable? What if you wanted a great product but didn’t want to pay full price?

We offer both choice and DIY projects. We are here to enable you to make your own chemical free, natural bedding, be it pillows, mattresses, blankets, comforters, etc. We specialize in custom work, in natural products and in educating ourselves and you about our products.

Choose from natural latex from Sri Lanka, wool from local farms and GOTS organic ticking could make your mattress. Kapok fiber, shredded natural latex, or millet hulls could fill your pillows. DIY patterns for your ticking, comforters, wool blankets and wool toppers are coming and available. To make your own organic mattress in Lafayette, IN, contact DIY Natural Bedding today.

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